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Cooperative education and internships can provide a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and make professional connections within their field of study, prior to graduating. The Office of Career Services assists students in connecting with employers and community leaders.


What is an internship?

Co-op and Internship programs are academic experiences that are designed to give students hands-on experience working in a field that is closely related to your major. An internship can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Explore and clarify your major and career goals with professionals in the field.
  • Develop knowledge, competencies and experience related to your major and career goals.
  • Gain practical employment experience that employers look for when hiring college grads.
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors and references for after graduation.

Learn more about Cooperative Education and Internships (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours will I work?

Internships come in both part-time and full-time positions depending on the employer.

10-15 hours per week
160-175 hours per semester

30-40 hours per week
600 hours per semester


Can I earn academic credit?

Most departments offer credit for approved internships. To get approval, all parties (department, work supervisor and student) must agree on the expectations, commitments and learning outcomes of the work experience.

  1. Speak with your academic advisor.
  2. Fill out the Application for Internship Form (PDF)
  3. Submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office.


Will I be paid?

Payment is different for every internship. It depends a lot on the place of business and whether or not it is considered to be a full-time, or part-time position. The U.S. Department of Labor provides policies and regulations in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

As of January 2018, the FLSA requires 'for profit' employers to pay employees for their work. However, if the student intern does not fall under the 'employee' guidelines, then he or she is not entitled to any wages.

To determine if the position is considered as paid-employment or an unpaid internship, view the U.S. Department of Labor's Fact Sheet (PDF).

Lander's EYE Program

Lander University offers an extra type of credit for internships that qualify for approval in the EYE Program. For information about the approval process for the EYE Program credit, please see the EYE Program website.

Internship Opportunities

While there are credit-approved internships through Lander's EYE Program, students should also extend their reach by searching for opportunities across the country and researching businesses they are interested in working for.


Internet Searches

Information for Employers

Businesses looking to create a new internship position should complete the Employer Internship Form (PDF) and return it to Lander's Internship Coordinator, Courtney Carpenter. 

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